KAIMU PRODUCTIONS CO. LTD is a specialist documentary film production company based in China.  We are dedicated to exploring all facets of past and contemporary China with the ultimate aim of raising awareness of the many different dimensions of this extraordinary, ever-changing and increasingly influential nation to audiences abroad.

KAIMU PRODUCTIONS was set up in 2006 by China specialist and film producer Dr. Kim Taylor.  As a long-time China observer and as an experienced film maker, Kim Taylor recognised the need for informed, specialised services for the foreign production house keen to produce in China. Therefore on top of KAIMU PRODUCTIONS' full range of production services , we aim to go one step further in helping you navigate these unchartered waters.  We can, through reliable English-language service and through our China-aware staff, bridge the culture gap and guide you expertly to realising your film's ambitions. 

The name kaimu is the Chinese name given to Kim Taylor by the A Wang Dan Bei Jiang Can Rimpoche, the 39th life of Dingguo Mountain Monastery, Sichuan province. Kaimu is a phonetic sounding of 'Kim' and its characters 凯姆 mean 'victorious women', signifying all women who have prevailed over the odds against them.  It also refers to the nurturing side of women.  

The logo for the company is the conch shell. The conch shell is an universal symbol that has appeared in a number of ancient cultures, all with an auspicious and powerful relevance:  it is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism and represents the propagation of his teachings, in ancient Greece it symbolises femininity, in Chinese feng shui it denotes great travel luck and good business relations with those overseas, while in the West it has long been associated as a symbol of power, such as in William Golding's Lord of the Flies when he who held the conch shell had the authority to speak. It is hoped that KAIMU PRODUCTIONS will embody all these attributes of the conch shell.  



KAIMU PRODUCTIONS offers comprehensive services for your production needs in China .  Our aim is to facilitate factual foreign film production in China and therefore whatever your needs, whatever the scale of your project, we can be of service.    

Every film project is different and every film project requires individualised treatment.    Let us turn your film concept into reality!



No matter how bizarre your filming content, we will find and secure the characters and locations critical to the content of your film.    
We will make all logistical arrangements for your time in China from airport pick-ups, hotels and transport to full-time bi-lingual translation services. We have plenty of experience of putting together even the most demanding of shoots.  
Licenses are key to filming in China. You will need to secure the appropriate government permissions to enter the country, and then if filming in private areas, will need to secure the necessary local permissions. We will advise you on this process and work on your behalf to procure filming consent.


We will provide you with as many members of a production team as you need, from our own core staff of highly accomplished producers/directors to locally available cameramen, sound and lighting specialists.
Shanghai has several equipment rental stores fully stocked with the latest HD cameras and a wide range of film equipment. We will source your requirements through these outlets.   


We can guide you to a full-range of post-production editing services, including 3D graphics and sound treatment, available in Shanghai.   



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